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Food and bakery products

Conveying and buffering systems

The synergy between Brovind own mechanical experience and electronic evolution is fully expressed in the vibratory conveyors for biscuits and bakery products.
Using innovative modular units and the combination of a precise mechanical design with an advanced electronic control, it is possible to obtain complete vibratory conveying lines with the desired length on different lanes, so to obtain a perfect interface with the packaging machine or the sandwiching machine.
Moreover, the possibility to use vibratory curves allows to bypass obstacles along the facility.
By using a manual load by an operator or an automatic load from the belts at the end of the oven, Brovind conveying systems can be supplied with a wide range of optional such as devices for controlling the flow-rate of products, twisted sections to turn the products from the inlet to the outlet, advanced electronic control systems and so on.

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Bulk transport systems

Conveying channels for bulk products to interface with weighers and packaging machines.
A reliable and affordable technology, now consolidated in the years, that can be coupled as usually with the top of Brovind electronic control systems.
From the simplest hopper channel with potentiometer up to conveying and dosing systems on different lanes, automatic flow-rate detection control and managing of the feeding speed.
The possibility to interface with the most common and popular devices such as weighers and loading cells allows a variable control of the products, so to obtain an increasingly fine flow of products, thus a precise dosing or weighing.

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Medical and pharmaceutical – Feeding and sorting systems

The experience in manufacturing feeding and sorting systems for assembly lines meets the demands of pharmaceutical and medical markets.
Brovind is able to manufacture high-level feeding systems using AISI 316 stainless steel or FDA compliant coatings.
A peculiar attention in the material supply and handling during manufacture ensure the suitability of these devices for clean room environments.

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Automotive / Electromechanical

Feeding and sorting systems - vibratory feeders

Using its proprietary vibratory feeders and the most advanced technologies in mechanical and electronic design, Brovind produces customized parts feeding systems according to the demands of the automatic assembly line to be realized.
From bulk pieces in their boxes up to mechanical systems for sorting or interfacing (shuttles, separators…), Brovind is able to supply the complete solution continuously following the demands of its Customers since the preliminary design phases for the machine.

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Feeding and sorting systems - step feeders

A family of feeding and sorting systems complementary to the vibratory feeders.
Through the principle of reciprocating motion of plates, Brovind step feeders allows lifting and dosing of products in predefined quantities and cadence, so to avoid the recycling of pieces in the bowl.
Provided with static or motorized hoppers, so to obtain the desired loading capacity, the feeders are usually coupled with linear vibratory feeders to sort the pieces and convey them to the desired exit point

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Shooting systems for automatic assembly lines

Brovind experience and tradition in automatic feeding lines, performed by feeding and sorting systems, is completed by escapements and shooting devices to shoot pieces on several lanes.
The wiredrawing of the tubes is performed on site, thus allowing Brovind to manufacture customized shooting systems even for pieces with complex shapes.

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Feeding and untangling systems for springs

Brovind experience in feeding and untangling several types of springs; a wide range of customized solutions according to the demands of the Customer.
It is possible to obtain feeding systems for manufacturing machines (i.e. grinding machines) or assembly machines; the interface may be obtained with pieces falling in tubes or shooting devices, with vertical buffer or escapement devices.

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High speed centrifugal sorters

High speed feeding systems realized by means of centrifugal or mechanical sorters. These systems are available both as standard products for the most common pieces (plastic caps or bottles) and as highly customized solutions for special pieces. All of the solutions can be integrated by standard buffering systems like motorized belt conveyors or custom ones like linear or circular blowers to guarantee the maximum flow-rate.

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Vibratory feeders ATEX comply

Vibratory feeders to be used in environments where there is a risk of fire or explosion, both due to gas or powders.

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