Brovind Vibratori | Digital Controllers
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Digital Controllers


The new generation of electronic controllers by Brovind: interface panel with buttons, signal & command inputs and outputs, microprocessor to manage the parameters of vibration. The CFV model, top of the range, in addition allows the control both of the amplitude and the frequency of the command signal, both in manual and automatic mode (thanks to Brovind SRV-02 accelerometric probe). This means a better control of the parameters of the vibration and the possibility of adaptation and compensation of the command to the changes on the mechanichal conditions (variation in the load of material, springs wear, loose of the fixing means). Furthermore, it is possible to obtain the independency of the power supply to the feeding system from the local electrical power line; it is in fact possible to test the feeding system on a 50 Hz line then send it in countries with 60 Hz without changing neither the internal coil of the drive neither the command board of the controller!